Peanut is expecting her second litter of Great Mountainees Doodles (aka Bernedoodlees) around August 11, 2020. Her sister Peaches (both Great Mountainees born here at Lawpdoodle - Great Pyrenees x Bernese Mountain Dog) is due late September 2020.

The sire…..wait for it….is our handsome Gibbs, AKC Standard Poodle. These will be his debute litters. He is a beautiful tri-color phantom Parti Poodle. I need to get out and take a more recent photo of him, but I’ve shared a couple of his earlier photos as a puppy and a young adult below. He came to us from our good friend and breeder, Molly LaFleche at Molly’s Darling Doodles.

We are accepting deposits for these puppies. The price for our Great Mountainees Doodles is $1200.

Deposit for Great Mountainees Doodle


2. Kimberly W. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received August 4, 2020) Will be waiting for Peaches' litter
3. Lauren K. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received August 5, 2020) Will be waiting for Peaches' litter
4. Lizzy U. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received August 8, 2020) (2nd Lawpdoodle puppy!) - Spring 2021
5. Nathalie E. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received July 25, 2020) (From Sheepadoodle list) Waiting for now.
6. Dave & Erin Di. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received August 14, 2020) Will be waiting for Peaches' litter
7. Dianna S. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received August 6, 2020) (From Sheepadoodle list)
8. Karen T . - Deposit Confirmed! (Received June 29, 2020) 
(From Sheepadoodle list)
9. Nicole H. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received September 5, 2020)
10. Matthew Sc. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received September 5, 2020)
11. Lauren T. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received September 14, 2020)
12. Morgan S - Deposit Confirmed! (Received September 23, 2020)
13. Katherine (Katy) B. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received June 10, 2020)
14. Tara CJ - Deposit Confirmed! (Received September 27, 2020)

Our beautiful Peanut (Great Mountainees)

 DOB 8/7/2020 - ALL SOLD!

Our beautiful Peaches (Great Mountainees)

11 Beautiful Puppies born 9/27/2020 - New page and photos coming soon!

Our handsome Gibbs (AKC Standard Poodle)

IMG 3913

Close up of Gibbs gorgeous face as a puppy!

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