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Just South of Clarksburg, WV (Please email us for complete mailing address only if scheduled for an appointment or mailing a check for a deposit.  Directions will be provided upon confirmation of appointment)

If possible, please initiate your contact with us via email, and we will be happy to set up a time for you to call on our landline (our cell does not work at our home) and speak with us (to hear a real person) on the phone if you prefer. Thank you!


Due to the confusion (on my part) of trying to track people down via my email account, only to discover (by the hardest), we had been communicating via text, Ive decided I will offer my cell phone number for communication once weve communicated via email and you are an active customer with a deposit. That way, if it is the preferred way to communicate, I can add you to my contacts.  I cant identify who is who unless you are in my contacts” on my cell phone, leading to further confusion

Since, unlike most of the world, I do not live with my phone attached to me, I have discovered I miss unknown texts all to often. Ive had trouble finding my customers, since I cant bring anything up in my email search and prior communication has been via my cell phone? I dont have a photographic memory, and I work with too many people, emails, etc. to remember the history behind all correspondence. And if our only conversation was by telephone (land line), please follow up with an email or I will never find me! Thank you for your understanding!

One of our Sheepadoodle Puppies and Me.  Thank you to Joy for this sweet picture.

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