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Just South of Clarksburg, WV (Please email us for complete mailing address only if scheduled for an appointment or mailing a check for a deposit.  Directions will be provided upon confirmation of appointment)

If possible, please initiate your contact with us via email, and we will be happy to set up a time for you to call on our landline (our cell does not work at our home) and speak with us (to hear a real person) on the phone if you prefer. Thank you!


You may also text us on my cell phone at 301-820-2272 to initiate contact. Unfortunately, our cell signal on the farm is not strong enough for voice calls. Thank you!

A little information with regard to our email responses. In today’s world where everyone is attached to their mobile devices, it is often assumed we all are. For us….not so, which is not necessarily a bad thing? We do not have adequate cell service in our home for voice calls, so I am not in the habit of carrying my cell phone around with me unless I am away from home. My home is my office and my work. Likewise, I cannot spare the time to be in front of my laptop or desktop all hours of the day due to the demands and responsibilities of my job, my dogs and puppies.  We do not have Wifi in our nursery or our kennel. The joys of living in the country, and I wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else. Not even the beach. Therein…..please be patient. I try to set aside time each day, if possible, to answer each and every email inquiry about our puppies. If you do not hear from me in what you believe adquate time to respond, do not hesitate to send me a second request for information. We appreciate your interest in our puppies, and God Bless!

One of our Sheepadoodle Puppies and Me.  Thank you to Joy for this sweet picture.

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