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Just South of Clarksburg, WV (Please email us for complete mailing address only if scheduled for an appointment or mailing a check for a deposit.  Directions will be provided upon confirmation of appointment)

Please DO NOT initiate contact with us through FB Messenger. I seldom check for “outside” message requests. Thank you for your understanding. Email is BEST for me!

Please email below. Unlike most people these days, my cell phone has never become a new appendage. Therefore, I do not always get an instant message” notification. I struggle a bit fielding both sources of contacts between text and email, so please be patient with me. Once we’ve made contact via email and you decide you would like to continue communication or commit to one of our puppies, we will provide our cell phone number for further ease of contact.  

With regard to FB Messenger… is unlikely I will see notification at all, so please email me at the address below. Thank you!


Minimum Deposit is $300. We prefer Zelle. PayPal is an option, but will charge an additional 4% fee. Please email me at for the Zelle or PayPal contact information. Thank you!

One of our Sheepadoodle Puppies and Me.  Thank you to Joy for this sweet picture.

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