Our Parent’s Pages has taken a back seat to other updates and priorities. Most parents will be featured on the same page as their offspring when we have a litter born. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Our Gentlemen include 3 AKC Standard Poodle boys and 3 AKC Old English Sheepdog boys. We also have an AKC Bernese Mountain Dog who lives with my brother and his family in Maryland. Testing is pending on our younger boys. Completed testing noted below from our older boys.

Jack.  Our infamous, Jack.  He is our boy of many colors.  In Labradoodles, Goldendoodles and Standard Poodles, he has produced for us Parti colors in Apricot & White, Brown & White, Black & White, Sable and Brindle.  Jack is AKC, and is a Silver & White Brindle Parti, DOB 11-24-08.  He’s a bit shy, but he is so gentle and sweet to everyone.  He will retire here with us, as here is where he is happy.  He has been with our family since he was 5 months old. OFA Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, Patellar (We believe that Jack has retired himself. He will live his years out with us.)

Our Handsome Boaz.  AKC Brown & White Tuxedo Parti Standard Poodle. DOB 4/13/2010.  Boaz has also thrown tri-color Standard Poodle litters.  He has become more well known for his gorgeous litters of Sheepadoodles with Ruthie and Naomi.  Boaz was chosen out of the litter from a dear breeder friend.  We waited a year for his arrival, as we had seen the beautiful puppies his parents had produced in their first litter.  Just after is birth, I sat in church and thumbed through Bible names deciding on Boaz.  Hence, Ruthie and Naomi were soon to follow. OFA Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, Patellar (Now Retired - See his son, Ram, below! Now part of our breeding program)


Our Gentle RG.  AKC Black & White Parti Standard Poodle. DOB 4/24/2012. This guy comes to us from the same breeder and dear friend as our beloved Boaz. Strong lines and genetics. He is such a sweet guy and a dream on the grooming table! We will anticipate Sheepadoodles with RG soon! OFA TESTING PENDING! Cardiac and Patellar already clear!


Our Handsome Geno!  Our younger male AKC Old English Sheepdog. DOB 8/19/2012. We picked Geno for his unique markings.  Geno joined our family as a puppy and has been raised with us.  OFA Hips Good, Elbows, Cardiac, Patellar Clear!

NOTE: We are raising one of our own male Old English Sheepdog puppies from Ruthie, and another male OES from a dear friend. Both with natural, beautiful tails. We are also raising a stunning male Standard Poodle out of our very own Boaz. More information and photos to come. If all three meet our criteria for breeding, they will be participating in our program sometime in 2017.

Ahhh.  Our wonderful, silly and handsome Yoggi. DOB 3/12/2010.  Yoggi was the first AKC Old English Sheepdog to join our family for the start of our Sheepadoodle program.  He came to us as a furry little ornery puppy.  Although raised in our home, he yearned to join the pack.  He is a happy guy, and extremely affectionate.  He’s a bit sneaky with his girls, so we often don’t witness a breeding. However, he consistently produceds us beautiful, well-tempered Sheepadoodle puppies.  We are hoping for our first litter of AKC Old English Sheepdog puppies with Yoggi and Muffy sometime in 2014. OFA Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, Patellar

(Update 6/20/2016) It has been over a year since Yoggi successfully sired a litter. We are giving serious consideration, although reluctantly, to retire our beloved boy who started it all for us. We are hoping to keep him in the family, per my daughter’s request. Please pray for us for wisdom in our decisions. Thank you!

Yoggi has been neutered and retired, but will continue to live here keeping the ladies company. He is such a happy boy and we love him!

Bosley. Our very first and our handsome AKC Bernese Mountain Dog. For now, Bernedoodles are not in our future. Bosley lives with my brother and his family in Maryland. We are raising oneunrelated Bernese girls in hopes of having purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs sometime in late 2019. Our intention all along was to cross breed Bosley with one of our Pyrenees girls! Watch early 2018! Testing Pending.

Bosley6 Months


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