"ADULTS FOR ADOPTION” Updated 1/12/2018 (Adults Added!!!)

All of our girls are spayed before leaving for their new homes.

ON HOLD! Meet two of our beautiful AKC Standard Poodle Girls, Powder & Fleecy. DOB 9/‘3/2011. They were born here, daughters of our very own Boaz. They are gentle and sweet. Two of my best moms, but it is time for them to retire. Since they’ve always been together and are bonded, we would prefer they stay together. They have already been spayed,  updated on Flea/Heartworm treatment and Rabies vaccine. Very clean girls, and go outside for all of their “business”. Fenced in yard is essential.

These Girls are available for adoption to their retirement homes. Adoption Fee may apply. Please email us at if you are interested in adopting one or more of our retiring dogs. Please note, although it seems easier to adopt an adult dog vs. raising a puppy, and there are no doubt some advantages, adults can experience a bit more trauma when transitioning to a new home away from all they’ve been familiar with and known. With patience, lots of love and lots of reassurance to earn their trust, our adults adapt quite well to becoming a loving member of a family. Should it not work out for any reason, we ask that they come back to us to find a more fitting home, and your adoption fee will be fully reimbursed.

We will not ship our adult dogs. We no longer ship our puppies, unless traveling in cabin with their new owners. Please keep in mind our location when considering adopting one of our adults. If they need to return to us, we do not want it being too difficult for any involved. We may be willing to meet you at a half-way point as well, depending on your location.

Thank you for considering making one of our adults a part of your family. God Bless!


Meet Rita (DOB 9/16/2014) and Minnie (DOB 9/7/2014). Rita is Retti’s sister, but has never successfully been bred for a litter. Likewise, Minnie. Minnie was born here out of our very own Jack and Dixie. Both are purebred Standard Poodles available for adoption. They do not need to stay together. Our two sisters, Fleecy and Powder above, are still waiting for a home where they can stay together, however? 

Our sweet Belle (below) (DOB 7/9/2013), purebred Old English Sheepdog. She is housebroken, was raised in our home, and a funny little girl! She was an excellent mommy two two liiters, her second which ended with an emergency C-section and spay. She is ready for her new family now. She’s a goofball. Very affectionate and loving. Loves to relax in your lap, too. ON HOLD FOR NOW! THANK YOU!

SPECIAL LACY:  We have one young female Old English Sheepdog who no doubt has some hip issues and will not be retained for our breeding program. We will have her evaluated and a more definite prognosis for any long term issues, if any, when we schedule to have her spayed. Exception may be made should you wish to work with your vet, but you must provide your vet’s information for verification. Her DOB is 3/4/2017 and her name is Lacy. Recent photos taken on a snowy/wet day below. 

If you believe you have the heart and environment to provide for a sweet girl with some special needs, please email me at lpdk9manor08@gmail.com for more information. We will likely schedule her for her spay, followed by adoption, in early spring 2018. Thank you and God Bless! ADOPTION UNDER CONSIDERATION, NOT CONFIRMED.


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