“Adopting an adult saves going through the puppy stage!” 

Maybe? But adopting an adult and removing them from all they’ve ever known to a new environment and a new way of life comes with its own challenges. We DO NOT adopt our adults to anyone that just thinks “it will be easier”. It’s not. You must have patience, compassion, tons of love and the ability to build trust and security for your new “adult”. The experience for them is like being the “new kid on the block”, changing schools and trying to make new friends. When a child leaves a school system, especially in mid-school year, to move to a new neighborhood, city or state, they do not “adjust” immediately. For many the experience can be very traumatic. Think of your new canine adoption in the same way….and help them adjust to be a wonderful asset of unconditional love for your family. If you are not up for the challenge of raising a puppy, you may not be up to the challenge of adopting an adult either. Please think it through and evaluate your lifestyle before contacting us to consider one of our adult adoptions.

All of our girls are spayed before leaving for their new homes.

We will not ship our adult dogs. We no longer ship our puppies, unless traveling in cabin with their new owners. Please keep in mind our location when considering adopting one of our adults. If they need to return to us, we do not want it being too difficult for any involved. We may be willing to meet you at a half-way point as well, depending on your location.

Thank you for considering making one of our adults a part of your family. God Bless!

Sheila (Will now be staying with us indefinitely due to post-op complications), AKC Old English Sheepdog. DOB 8/4/2014. 

Katie (DOB 8/4/2014) and Cherry (from a later litter, both pictured below) are available for adoption post spay surgery. Katie (now spayed and ready for her new home)  

Cherry is just recovering from her last litter and will be schedule in the coming weeks. Each will have a full exam including blood work. Adoption fee will be the cost of veterinarian fees to prepare them for their new homes. They are not bonded and do not need to go together. Up to date on deworming, vaccines including Rabies vaccine. All the girls were born here with Lawpdoodle K9 Manor. 

Katie (above), AKC Old English Sheepdog DOB 8/4/2014 (one blue eye)


Cherry (above), AKC Old English Sheepdog DOB 1/30/2015 (Please email me direction for options of adoption)

IMG 5293

Freckles (above), F1 Pyredoodle DOB 2/4/2016 (Born here with Lawpdoodle). Freckles is a sweet girl. Anyone who owns one of our Pyredoodle puppies, either 1st genertion or 2nd generation will attest to how awesome this breed is, especially with families with children. Freckles was raised as a puppy in our home and one of the first puppies to housebreak herself with the doggy door. She also gave birth to her first litter with a dear friend in a home environment. I expect Freckles transition to go pretty well to a new, loving home. UTD on vaccines, including Rabies. Will be dewormed and spayed with a full health check from our vet before leaving.

NOTE: We’ve had numerous inquires for our sweet Freckles. No surprise. She will be awesome for her future family. However, she has not yet been spayed. Due to complications with Sheila’s post-op, we have been focused on her recovery and will be scheduling Freckles in the very near future. We have noted all inquiries, will review them and hope to be in touch with her future family soon. Thank you!

The following adults are available for adoption. Please email me for additional information and adoption options. Thank you and God Bless! email:


BROWNIE, AKC NEWFOUNDLAND. Brownie is due to deliver her final litter late September 2019. She will be ready for her new home likely early 2020. Please email me (link above) for additional information on adoption options. Thank you!

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