“Adopting an adult saves going through the puppy stage!” 

Maybe? But adopting an adult and removing them from all they’ve ever known to a new environment and a new way of life comes with its own challenges. We DO NOT adopt our adults to anyone that just thinks “it will be easier”. It’s not. You must have patience, compassion, tons of love and the ability to build trust and security for your new “adult”. The experience for them is like being the “new kid on the block”, changing schools and trying to make new friends. When a child leaves a school system, especially in mid-school year, to move to a new neighborhood, city or state, they do not “adjust” immediately. For many the experience can be very traumatic. Think of your new canine adoption in the same way….and help them adjust to be a wonderful asset of unconditional love for your family. If you are not up for the challenge of raising a puppy, you may not be up to the challenge of adopting an adult either. Please think it through and evaluate your lifestyle before contacting us to consider one of our adult adoptions.

All of our girls are spayed before leaving for their new homes.

We will not ship our adult dogs. We no longer ship our puppies, unless traveling in cabin with their new owners. Please keep in mind our location when considering adopting one of our adults. If they need to return to us, we do not want it being too difficult for any involved. We may be willing to meet you at a half-way point as well, depending on your location.

Thank you for considering making one of our adults a part of your family. God Bless!


We have an awesome boy, our beloved Geno, who is looking for a “senior” retirement home. He is as spunky and friendly as he always has been. We retained his son for our program, so it is time to see Geno off to a loving family for his remaining years. DOB 8/19/2012 PENDING ADOPTION! Rich & Lonnie T.


 Above left is our beautiful Willa with a natural tail. DOB 6/18/2017. Spayed and ready for her new home. Purebred Old English Sheepdog


And our Beautiful Newfoundland girls below. Photos were when they first arrived here with us and the others are when they were young adults. Brownie needs a good dietary program to help her loose weight! She’s much lazier than Blackie

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