OUR LADIES II Updated 5/26/2018

Meet our two beautiful girls, Sheila and Katie, both purebred Old English Sheepdogs. Sheila and Katie were born here out of our very own Naomi (now retired) and Geno. D.O.B. 8/4/2014. Katie (pictured top) has one blue eye, and Sheila (pictured bottom) has two brown eyes. Both girls passed their BAER testing. They were on the move on a beautiful fall day! Maybe one day they will stand still long enough for better pictures, but these reflect our dogs doing what our dogs love to do! Just being dogs! 


And their full sister, Cherry from Naomi’s “surprise” litter. Sire is Geno. AKC Old English Sheepdog. DOB 1/30/15

IMG 5674

Below is Roxie. She is one of our future Old English Sheepdogs for Sheepadoodles we are raising. DOB 3/4/2017

IMG 9740

IMG 6020

Above is Kenna and Lola. Kenna is a litter sibling to our Stoney (now featured on our gentleman page). Lola is a 1/2 sister to both. Kenna’s DOB is 5/13/2017 and Lola is 5/14/2017. Both are Moyen size Standard Poodles (although that was not our plan, but they are beautiful). Both descendants of Jack as well. I will update their photos when they are of breeding age. 

And meet our gorgeous, unique AKC Standard Poodle, Cali (Calico….appropriately named). She comes from the same breeder as Rita and Retti. DOB 2/15/15.



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