This is notification of a Price Increase….our first in almost 3 years. Since we were one of the earliest breeders of Sheepadoodles, we do not concern ourselves with “undercutting” the market, as most charging much more actually followed us into the Sheepadoodle market. We also include WV Sales Tax in our price, so that tax is paid by us by the price of our Sheepadoodles. We are also preparing for the laws that will require sales tax to be charged regardless of the state the puppy is delivered.

For all those with deposits dated prior to February 1, 2019, we will honor our previous price at the time of your deposit. Beginning Februay 1, 2019, our price for Sheepdoodles will increase to $1800. Our minimum Deposit will increase to $500

See all current reservations as listed below:

IMG 1357



ALERT!!! Anyone already on the list below who is interested in one of our Merle Sheepadoodle puppies from our current or upcoming litters, please notify me ASAP by emailing


Our Policy/Process for picking puppies, hopefully in simple terms: 

When placing a deposit, you may have a preference for certain parents or timing of a litter. However, it does not mean you can automatically be assigned to any particular litter of your choosing at the time of your deposit. ALL deposits are honored in chronological order based on the date the deposit was placed (first come/first serve). It DOES NOT mean everyone on the list will pick in that order, since it is also their right to wait until a later time/later litter. If I contact a person on the list and they respond saying they are not ready, I move to the next person. If I do not receive a response within a timely manner during selections, I move on to the next person. A simple example: We had a litter of 12 and close to 50 people on our list. When the 12th puppy was assigned, we had reached the 36th person down on the list. If the puppy/gender/litter of your choice is available when I reach your name, it is your lucky day! If when I contact you, and any puppy/puppies remaining is not what you are looking for, you may wait for a later litter. I hope this explains our process a bit better to those that seem confused? Due to the demand of this breed, I cannot predict an exact time frame, much less guarantee a puppy of your choosing will be available in your desired time frame. Based on current and expected litters, I can be optimistic, and if you choose us as your breeder, I hope that you’ve chosen us as your breeder for reasons that have little to do with our timing and availability, but more that you have faith in us as your breeder and our breeding program

"Good things come to those who wait for Gods timing."

Please read ALL the information below thoroughly, along with contacting us, before you decide to place a deposit as a commitment that we are your Chosen Breeder. Below I will give a few examples that fall into the equation of timing in availability of a puppy.  The return of deposits due to puppy availability not meeting your timing, or finding another breeder with a puppy available after your commitment to us, is NOT a reason to request return of monies. We are not machines producing these puppies whenever we please to meet demand (although there are times I wish I had that kind of control!) 

1. Girls eligible to breed. (age and health). We have younger girls we are raising but have not yet been cleared for breeding as our older girls are retiring out. As with the timing of litters, timing of parent transitions can also be unpredictable. It takes as much as 2 years or more to raise a female puppy before they have their first litter. 

2. Heat schedules and number of litters at a time. We prefer to only handle only one or two litters at one time. There is always the risk that girls don’t always get bred when they come into heat around the same time.  We will occasionally roll the dice and allow all in heat and eligible to be bred. We are set up well to accommodate a few litters at a time and have done so successfully numerous times in the past. Our time for correspondence is limited during those times, especially from 5 - 8 weeks, so we only ask your patience as we do our best to work through selections and updates when possible.

3. Litter size and number of each gender.

4. Current Reservations: Those that choose to wait for a later litter vs. those who are ready now based on their chronological placement on the list. The results of each selection process is never the same or predictable. Some choose to wait a year or more and others may be pleasantly surprised to have the option to pick a puppy shortly after placing their deposit.

5. Labor and delivery, and the health of the puppies. As we have learned, despite all precautions, nature can be cruel. I have been tested, but God has always picked me back up when I was knocked down flat on my face.

6. BEFORE you place a deposit with us, please review your reasons for choosing us as your breeder. We were not one of the first to enter this breed, but we are one of the early veterans. They were not “popular” when we added them to our program. Those of us that took the risk to introduce the world to this Designer Breed are pleased they’ve become so well loved, but it also results in many more breeders capitlizing on the breed. This does not mean the newer breeders are questionable. In fact, I’ve befriended and assisted some of these breeders (including providing them with parent dogs from our own breeding stock) to begin their Sheepadoodle program. If you demand a puppy “right now”, please….by all means…..carefully choose another breeder BEFORE you decide to commit to us. Once you place a deposit with us, you are welcome to go elsewhere….but do not expect a refund. We appreciate your understanding. God Bless! 

Our deposits are transferrable, but NON-REFUNDABLE.  Based on the knowledge of all those on our reservation list before making a commitment, it is our understanding you have chosen us as your breeder, and you are willing to wait until the right puppy is available for your family. Once we have attempted to reach you without response over several months, we will remove you from our list.

Our price for Sheepadoodles is currently  $1800  Male or Female (except Merles, please visit our Merle Sheepadoodle page for more information). Minimum deposit (subject to change) is $500 ($520 via PayPal including transaction fee, see link below) to secure your place on our reservation list for a future puppy. We reserve the right to increase our prices with little notice, but will honor the original price to those already on our list commited prior to the change.

ALERT!!! Anyone already on the list below who is interested in one of our Merle Sheepadoodle puppies from our current or upcoming litters, please notify me ASAP by emailing

Deposit and Final Payment Options for a Sheepadoodle Puppy


Breeder’s Discretionary Hold - (Right reserved to apply to any litter for special circumstances….not always applied)

Also, please note, if the spot is noted “PW”, these positions have been purchased via a deposit by our Trainer, Penny Wilson. If you wish to purchase your puppy in addition to purchasing training, you may be eligible to move up to one of those spots if Penny has an opening in the timeline of any given litter? Please contact Penny directly for more information by visiting the link to Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp.



When I am in the process of contacting people not already noted as waiting on our list in chronogical order, I will expect a prompt response. I will be assigning puppies in the order I receive responses, not necessarily in the order of deposits? I appreciate your understanding, but this process must move along briskly. Thank you!)

All deposits prior to February 1st, 2019 will still be honored with our prior price of $1500. If you wish to pay your balance via PayPal, please let us know and we will send you a link with the balance and 4 % transaction fee. The link below represents our new pricing. 



Heather P. -  Deposit Confirmed (Received December 28, 20142019 (Will notify Lawpdoodle when ready)
Stacy Sc. -  Deposit Confirmed (Received January 31, 2016 (Will notify Lawpdoodle when ready)
James F. -  Deposit Confirmed (Received October 30, 2016
Will be going to Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp   (Will notify Lawpdoodle when ready)



Brett C. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 26, 2017(Will notify Lawpdoodle when ready)
Christi W. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received May 15, 2017Summer/Fall of 2019
Tama C. - Deposit Confirmed - (Received June 26, 2017 Returning Puppy Family!
Theresa L. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received August 9, 2017) (Possibly adopting one of our adult retirees?)
Tara D. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received October 13, 2017Spring of 2019 (Will notify Lawpdoodle when ready)
Heather B. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received October 19, 2017Fall of 2019
Austin R. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received October 19, 20172019 (Will notify Lawpdoodle when ready)




Eren Mc. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received February 6, 2018) 2021

APRIL 2018

P.W. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received April 6, 2018 Will be going to Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp  (Timothy Johnson)
Amelia S. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received April 21, 2018Spring of 2019
Maura Q. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received April 25, 2018Spring of 2019

MAY 2018

Andrew B. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received May 2, 2018 Will be going to Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp 
P.W. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received May 4, 2018 Will be going to Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp 
Adele (SPofL) - Deposit Confirmed! (Received May 20, 2018) ???

JUNE 2018

Tiffany Marf. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received June 7, 2018???
Marcia & Sergio G. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received June 29, 2018READY ???

JULY 2018

Arianna H. & Manuel W. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received July 10, 2018 (Will notify Lawpdoodle when ready)
Noel H. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received July 13, 2018)  Later in 2019
Hanna L. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received July 13, 2018Summer of 2019
P.W. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received July 14, 2018 Will be going to Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp 


Josephine W. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received August 3, 2018) READY (later ’19)
Kathy L. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received August 7, 2018Spring of 2019
Joann S. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received August 27, 2018
LATE 2018/SPRING 2019


Heike M. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received September 15, 2018SPRING 2019
Jeff M. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received September 21, 2018Later in 2019



Linda T. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received November 1, 2018) Will notifiy when ready (daughter)
P.W. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received November 2, 2018Will be going to Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp 
P.W. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received November 3, 2018Will be going to Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp 

Stephanie M. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received November 11, 2018 Summer of 2019




P.W. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 3, 2019 Will be going to Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp 
Lowery V B. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 5, 2019LATE SPRING/EARLY SUMMER 2019

Tiffany M. - Deposit Pending! (Received January 5, 2019) Returning Puppy Family! (more than once) 
Ceal & Swede A. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 11, 2019) Sheepadoodle or Pyredoodle
Rosa C. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 12, 2019READY
Erin K. (G) - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 17, 2019)
Josh B. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 22, 2019)
Gabi F. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 26, 2019)
Thomas H. & Nicole S. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 27, 2019)
 Will be going to Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp 
Susan G. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 29, 2019
 - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 29, 2019) (Ginger Collier)
Landre S. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 30, 2019)
Kim J. (B) - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 30, 2019)
Kai S. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 30, 2019)
Kelly R. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received January 31, 2019)


Cortney T. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received February 1, 2019) J
Sara W. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received February 11, 2019)
Susan N. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received February 19, 2019)

MARCH 2019 

Jeremy C. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received March 28, 2019 READY

APRIL 2019

Meghan N. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received April 1, 2019)
Miriam & Walter P. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received April 28, 2019)

MAY 2019

Beth H. (Jenny S.) - Deposit Confirmed! (Received May 13, 2019) 
Carolyn S. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received May 14, 2019) 

JUNE 2019

Kristen F. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received June 2, 2019)
Sberna Family - Deposit Confirmed! (Received June 4, 2019) 

JULY 2019

Rys M. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received July 3, 2019 Returning Sheepadoodle Puppy Family!
Christina K. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received July 6, 2019)
Andrew H. - Deposit Confirmed! (Received July 23, 2019) Merle or other

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