Reserve NOW if you would like to have an opportunity to pick from one of our upcoming litters. Sheepadoodles have been a part of us since discovering them in 2009. Not the first nor the “creator", but one of the earliest and now more knowledgeable breeders of the breed. We made them part of our program because we loved the idea of the breed, not because we thought they would become so popular and “sell fast”! 

We pulled our successful and more well known breeds of Goldendoodles and Labradoodles from our program a few years ago to allow us to focus on our newer breeds of Sheepadoodles and Pyredoodles. At the time, they were still virtually unknown, and our Pyredoodles are still a little less understood than our Sheepadoodles, so our infatuation with our breeds of choice was a risk to take in our program. However, we make decisions out of love, with prayer and with God’s Guidance. We had our first litter of Newfypoos in the fall of 2018….and what awesome puppies!!!

Please visit our About Us page for more about how we became who we are and love what we do for the love of our dogs. Click Here.



Deposit for Sheepadoodle Puppy

We are in a bit of a lull for Sheepadoodle puppies as we retire and transition from our older moms to our younger potential moms. We are expecting a couple of those younger moms in heat in September 2019. Puppies possible late fall/early winter. Big plans for 2020!!! 

If looking for a more laid back breed with minimal shedding and known to be wonderful with children, don’t pass up our two beautiful litters as noted below. 

Over the years, although thankfully far and few between, our re-homes usually involve young busy families with young active children. With a Sheepadoodle puppy combined with lack of time for appropriate training and patience, this can be a recipe for disaster. I’ll be glad to discuss our experience (being one of the earliest Sheepadoodle breeders) in an email or even on the phone. Thank you for visiting our website and God Bless!


BERNIE (AKC Parti Standard Poodle-photo pending) x Geno (OES) - Due 11/24/2019

MINA (AKC Parti Merle Standard Poodle-photo pending) x Geno (OES) Due 12/2/2019

CHERRY (OES) (pulled a family history stunt with silent heat) x Ram (Standard Poodle) Due 11/25/2019

Please note based on our recent notification on our Reservation Page, we will continue to honor our price of $1500 with a $300 ($312 via PayPal) deposit before February 1, 2019. Any deposits received after January 31, 2019, the price will be $1800 with a deposit of $300 ($312 via PayPal).


Blackie and Ram - BORN AUGUST 6, 2019 CLICK HERE!

Deposit for Newfypoo


Peanut (Great Mountainees born here) x Gunner (Merle Standard Poodle) BORN! 8/17/19 - CLICK HERE!

Deposit for Great Mountainees Doodle

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