We’ve been planning this litter for a little over 3 years, which inspired us to acquire our handsome Bosley, AKC Bernese Mountain Dog. He resides with my brother and his family in Maryland. While they were spending the holidays in Germany, Bosley came and spent time with us and our other knuckleheads. Shiloh, AKC Great Pyrenees, just happened to go into heat while Bosley was visiting….and we now have our first litter of…….”Great Mountain Dogs”, or what we’ve decided to call, “Great Mountainees” (inspired by our WVU Mountaineers).

I first stumbled on this breed while searching for another Pyrenees to add to our Pyredoodle program. When I stumbled upon this stunning unusually marked “Pyrenees” in the listings, I had to click on it. Since the advertising site doesn’t have a category for this mix breed, the breeder had placed in the Pyrenees listings. I did inquire, but not hearing back, respected that she wasn’t willing to work with fellow breeders. And then…..I thought……I will make my own! I have the Pyrenees girls, and stunning ones at that… I will make my own by getting a male Bernese. We are limited on space for boys, and since my brother and his family were facing the last days of their beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kosmo, I offered to them to become his Guardian Home. I picked Bosley from a beautiful litter from a lovely family in OH in December of 2014. I brought him home in January af 2015. One of my closest friends and long time member of our church purchased Bosley’s brother. And so the story begins and the results of this union between Bosley and Shiloh are below. We will likely be keeping two of the girls for our Doodle program. 

This is a shedding breed, just as both parents are full shedding and likely to be an issue for anyone suffering with common animal allergies. I love my shedders! It’s easier and cheaper to brush and vacuum my long haired shedding dogs than it is to arrange for numerous, expensive grooming sessions for my non-shedders. I do have allergies. To what…I’m not sure? I live with them, because I will always live with my beloved dogs. 

It is difficult to describe how beautiful these puppies will be as they mature. Just Google "Bernese x Pyrenees" or "Great Mountain Dogs" for some stunning images, and you will see why I fell in love. The puppies below will change dramatically as they get older. 

Deposit to Hold Puppy

PRICE $1000 Pet Only

1. Female - Lawpdoodle K9 Manor “VANESSA"
2. Female - Lawpdoodle K9 Manor “EVE"
3. Male - Starstrom Family (my brother, his family and sire Bosley) - PICKED “ED” Lt. Blue Collar
4. Male - Liz W. - Deposit Confirmed PICKED “MIKE” Brown Collar
5. Erica M. - Deposit Confirmed PICKED “BLANCA” Lt. Pink Collar
6. Male - Bret & Deborah - Confirmed PICKED “CHUCK” Green Collar
7. Mindy S. - Deposit Confirmed PICKED “BOYD” Grey Collar
8. Rachelle - Confirmed PICKED “KYLE” Grey Collar

“MIKE” CHOSEN (Male - Brown Collar) 4 Weeks, Weight = 4 lbs., 12 oz.


“KRISTIN” (Female - Pink Collar) 4 Weeks, Weight = 3 lbs., 6 oz.


“CAROL” (Female - Black Collar) 4 Weeks, Weight = 3 lbs., 9 oz.


“BLANCA” CHOSEN (Female - Lt. Pink Collar) 4 Weeks, Weight = 4 lbs., 8 oz.


“ED” CHOSEN (Male - Lt. Blue Collar) 4 Weeks, Weight = 5 lbs., 0 oz.


“KYLE” CHOSEN (Male - Dk. Blue Collar) 4 Weeks, Weight = 4 lbs., 8 oz.


“VANESSA” CHOSEN (Female - Orange Collar) 4 Weeks, Weight = 4 lbs., 4 oz.


“MANDY” (Female - Purple Collar) 4 Weeks, Weight = 4 lbs., 0 oz.


“EVE” CHOSEN (Female - Red Collar) 4 Weeks, Weight = 2 lbs., 2 oz.


“BOYD” CHOSEN (Male - Grey Collar) 4 Weeks, Weight = 4 lbs., 12 oz.


“CHUCK” CHOSEN (Male - Green Collar) 4 Weeks, Weight = 3 lbs., 0 oz.



Mom, Shiloh AKC Great Pyrenees

Dad, Bosley AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

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